Wheat Belly

I get the feeling this book is going to be life changing. I’m taking the advice and currently on day #13 and cutting out grains has been surprisingly easy – the detox period seems to be no drama.

I will admit to listening to the audio version of this book through Adobe’s overdrive system (ask your local library if they offer it) which got me through some of the more science-heavy bits but I did find myself wanting to refer back to info so I suspect this book will be on my bookshelf shortly.

The book covers why modern wheat is different to the wheat of our ancestors and the effects he’s observed first hand in his patients. He’s a practising doctor, and not running clinical trials but where possible he refers to objective research to back up his claims.

There is a website and facebook pages to support the book and a subscriber based support group as well. I’ve only asked one question on the facebook page but got a response from the page admin and from others as well.

I can’t see myself going back to grains – once you know, you can’t unknow.

It’s scary stuff. You owe it to yourself to read or listen to this one!

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